What skydiving says about you

What Skydiving Says About You

Thursday, February 17, 2022

The wild blue yonder has called to humanity across the ages and generations and so it’s no surprise that the sport of skydiving draws folks from all walks of life. 

And yet, there are a few key common traits among those who choose to jump. The unwitting might say that commonality is a screw loose. After all, who would be crazy enough to jump from an airplane? As it turns out, wanting to skydive doesn’t warrant a sanity check … rather, choosing to skydive has some pretty pragmatic implications. 

Here is what skydiving says about you.

You’re brave enough to try something new. 

Trying something new can put you in a bit of a vulnerable spot. You cannot know if you will like or be good at a particular thing the first time you attempt it. It takes a certain amount of bravery to leave your cozy comfort zone and stretch your wings and go for it. For those who choose to make that first skydive, the implication is that you are actually quite courageous. Relatively few have the guts to try new things – and a skydive is a heckofa big new thing!

You are willing to take calculated risks.

We won’t sugar coat it. Skydiving is an extreme sport, and there are dangers associated with the activity. However, we will say: these dangers and the risks they present are mitigated by government regulations, advancements in equipment, and improvements in training. In addition to these risk-managing measures, one should also consider the physical benefits and mental benefits of skydiving.

Life cannot be lived in a bubble, and any activity you engage in will have a degree of risk associated with it. Choosing to skydive says that you are willing to take calculated risks in order to unlock incredible rewards.

what skydiving says about you

You are a social animal and work well with others.

Skydiving is a social sport. When you make your first tandem skydive, you may be surprised at how jovial everyone seems to be and how at ease you seem to feel. The skydiving community is the big, happy family you’ve always wanted. We work together and encourage each other to learn, grow, and succeed. Making a skydive is all it takes to join this special community. 

If you end up learning to skydive and obtaining your license, you’ll discover there’s also a competitive sphere within skydiving that takes teamwork to get to the next level!

You handle stressful situations well. 

It can be daunting to take that first initial leap at 13,500 feet, but you’re ready to go get it done! The first time you skydive can be a little overwhelming. It’s a new environment, a completely new activity, and in general, a lot of sensory stimuli. Navigating this aspect of the experience will be the most difficult part. Though, you will see it was all worth it the second you exit the airplane and feel all your worries swept away by the wind. Then, get prepared to unlock another layer of jubilation when the parachute opens and you gently, peacefully fly back to the world below. 

You feel the need for speed. 

Let’s face it, some of us like to skydive because we yearn for the freefall: we’ve got a need for speed…terminal velocity that is! In freefall, tandem skydivers reach speeds of up to 120 mph. Those who jump solo and fly in different orientations can reach even greater speeds (easily reaching 150-180 mph).

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Robbie and Luke were so great! Made me feel very comfortable and made my first tandem jump a lot of fun! I would recommend this place to anyone looking for an adrenaline rush! Thanks so much to Robbie, Luke, and the entire Paraclete team for such a great experience!

Christian Capobianco