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Our LO's Will Take Your Skills To the Next Level

Our team of expert skydiving instructors understand the important part they play in your day, and we do all we can to give you the best experience possible.

We all consider ourselves very lucky to be able to skydive for a living. It’s what we love to do and to be able to bring other people along to experience it with us is a privilege we don’t take for granted. We’re extremely passionate about what we do and we look forward to sharing it with you!

Every member of our team is USPA approved. The USPA is the United States Parachute Association, which provides advice and guidance to help its member drop zones provide a consistent and regulated service.

By following their guidelines, our instructors have proven their abilities through a series of examinations and qualifications. The majority of skydiving centers in the US are USPA members and USPA ratings are recognized across the world.

young man holding skydiving license

As a member of the Canadian National 8-way skydiving team, we have trained at many DZs over the years. By far, we have never been treated as well at any other drop zone in the world. This is our new go to DZ. Cannot say enough good things about this operation!!!

Heather Porteous