A video interview inside the plane before making a skydive.

Media Packages

High Quality Digital Video and Photos

Capture Your First Time Skydiving

You only make your first skydive once – make sure you have the proof!

Keep the memory of your first skydive alive and share your amazing adventure with your friends, family, and social network by adding a media package to your tandem skydive.

What You Get

Our media packages include high-quality digital video and photos of your entire tandem skydive. Your skydiving photos and video will be downloaded to a dropbox folder so you can quickly and easily access and share your incredible experience with the entire world!

How It Works

We’ll team you up with one of our professional videographers who will accompany you throughout your entire experience and capture each thrilling moment. 

From getting geared up with your instructor, to boarding the plane, to freefall, to landing, your personal videographer will capture every part of your experience in a documentary starring you! This is one video you will watch over and over again. 

To make the most of your moment in our dazzling blue skies, read our best tips on how to look good in a skydiving video.


Tandem Skydiving

1st Tandem
Tandem w/ Video & Photos
2nd Tandem
Small Group
Large Group
$204 pp
$195 pp
Freefall from 13,500'
Video & Photos
Jump Certificate

Tandem Skydiving Media Package

Purchase our Tandem Skydiving Media Package for $130 includes digital video, professional photography, and a personal videographer!

Media Package
All Included for $130
Digital Video
Digital Photos
Personal Videographer

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Without a doubt my absolute favorite place to be when I'm out of school and off work. I came here after I made a tandem skydive and decided I wanted to learn and did my AFF. The instructors and coaches are wonderful. You WILL learn here. Loved jumping with Michael, Randy and Mike so much. Even if the drive is 2 1/2 hours and I'm licensed now, I'll keep coming back.

Jenna Nicole