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Did you know that in as little as a few weeks you can learn to skydive solo and complete all the requirements needed to apply for an “A” skydiving license?

Skydive Paraclete XP in Raeford, NC is home to one of the most progressive and comprehensive skydiving schools in the United States. We offer a unique, United States Parachute Association (USPA) approved training progression called Paraclete Student Program (PSP). Our PSP program is taught by some of the most skilled skydiving instructors in the world and incorporates wind tunnel training to help accelerate your progression in the sport.

Our unique program, combined with our state of the art training facilities, provides our students with the best learning environment possible.

Click here to watch Anthony’s experience in PSP.

Paraclete Student Program (PSP)

PSP is a skydiving course that consists of 18 levels and covers all* requirements to apply for a USPA ‘A’ license. This license allows you to jump with your friends and skydive anywhere in the world, but it is just the beginning.

Our program is designed not only to teach basic skills but to provide a clear path toward becoming a well-rounded skydiver. Our progression continues past student levels and offers continued education. Interactive seminars, networking, multi-discipline skills camps and exclusive wind tunnel membership options at our state of the art indoor skydiving facility, Paraclete XP SkyVenture. PSP provides everything you need to become a member of our amazing skydiving community.

*Except a total jump number of 25. After graduation, you can jump solo to complete this number.

What to Expect

Stage 1: Ground Training

The first jump course takes place at our training center at Skydive Paraclete XP. This course typically takes 4-5 hours to complete and covers all theoretical and practical training necessary to prepare you for your first solo skydive, including skydiving equipment, aircraft procedures, exit procedures, freefall, deployment, canopy control, and dealing with malfunctions (should they occur).

Stage 2: Wind Tunnel Training

To ensure that you get the most out of your first jump and to accelerate your progression we practice basic body flight in our Skyventure Paraclete XP wind tunnel before your first solo skydive. Years of experience have taught us how valuable wind tunnel training is and it is a prerequisite for our PSP program.

Stage 3: Freefall and Canopy Training

Once you have met all the prerequisites, you are ready to make your first solo skydive! At first, your instructor will hold onto you in the air, but you will quickly progress to independent flight. By jump number 4 you will exit the airplane on your own and work on more advanced skills. These skills consist of heading control, turns, instability recovery, flips, relative work, advanced exits, docking, and tracking.

Throughout the program, you will also learn about equipment, parachute packing, aircraft spotting, winds and weather conditions, canopy flight and all the technical aspects you need to know to skydive.

Get More Info and Register for an Upcoming Course

For more information about our PSP program and learning to skydive in general, please read through our learn to skydive FAQs. If you have additional questions, please contact a member of our team for assistance!

Prices for PSP are listed in the table below. We offer our PSP First Jump Course on a regular basis. Check our events calendar for dates and register online for an upcoming course.

Paraclete Student Progression Prices

Follow this path to become a licensed USPA Skydiver. Click the button below to register for an upcoming First Jump Course.

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*Please note: the deposit of $125 covers the first jump ground course ONLY. Payment in full will be required on site.

First Jump Course
Ground School
Tunnel Training
15 Minutes of Tunnel Time
First Solo Jump
Team Turns and Forward Movement
Release Dive
Unassisted Exit and Turns
360 Degree Turns, Forward Movement
Loops and Intro to Tracking
Barrel Rolls & Tracking
Fall Rate Exercises
Swoop & Dock
PSP 10
Tracking 101
PSP 11
Tracking 102
PSP 12
Full Body & Knee Turns
PSP 13
Into to Formation Skydiving
PSP 14
Formation Skydiving
PSP 15
A License Challenge Dive
PSP 16
Hop & Pop 5,000FT
PSP 17
Hop & Pop 3,500FT $
PSP 18
Graduation Jump
Complete PSP Program
PSP Levels 1-18
'A' License Jumps
7 Jumps with Gear Rental and Packing
'A' License - Pay as You Go
Includes PSP and 'A' License Jumps
'A' License - Prepay
Includes PSP and 'A' License Jumps
$3,400 - Save $436!
1-Yr USPA Membership
USPA Membership & License Fee
Packing Class
Required 'A' License Packing Course

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young man holding skydiving license

I did my fist tandem jump yesterday with Jon. It was one the best things I have ever done in my life. I wish to thank everyone there for their professionalism and yet you made it so much like being a part of team and a family.

Coleen Courtney Mick