James Kunze

Load Organizers

 Total Number of Jumps: 1,102

Jumping since: 2010

Discipline of choice: Freeflying/Videography

Ratings: D License/Coach

Where did you learn to jump: Skydive Paraclete XP





Most memorable skydive: I got to jump an inflatable couch out the back of a CASA next a mountain in the desert of Arizona during sunset.

Why do you love skydiving: The community of people is the best I’ve ever met. Come for the jumps. Stay for the friends.

What’s the best part about organizing: Seeing the people that you’re organizing learning and advancing themselves so they can pass it forward one day too to help grow the sport and make everyone feel welcome.


Main: Velo 96

Reserve: Optima 134

Container: Javelin

Jumpsuit: Tonfly 630 Race/ Shortie

Helmet: G3 Cookie/Tonfly 2X


Want to jump with a Load Organizer? Great! All you need is to be a licensed skydiver and show up! Jump with your favorite load organizer, or get to know a new one! We have Load Organizer’s in all disciplines for all skill levels. Follow the Facebook page here!

young man holding skydiving license

I went on my first tandem skydive yesterday and I couldn't ask for a better experience! If you're looking for a fun experience with welcoming people you need to come check this place out. I look forward to going back for my second jump soon!

Sara Lynn