Manny Jacobs

Load Organizers

Total jumps: 2000+

Jumping since: 2009

Discipline: Free flying mainly although I prefer moving jumps over static.

Ratings: No US ratings yet. But I was AFF, Tandem and Coach in Australia.

I learned to Jump in Picton NSW Australia.

Team: I’m not on a team. But I would be if I could find a team member of similar stature.

I don’t know if I have a most memorable skydive. I’ve jumped all over the world. And many of the places have been outstanding. One of my military tandems has to be the up there though. Ask me in person why if you want more details 🙂

I love skydiving. Why? Good question. Because when I jump everything else in my life/head gets put on pause.

Best part about organizing: I love to teach others. Being able to help other people enjoy themselves, be happy and smile is an awesome feeling.


Main: Katana 135

Reserve: OP 160

Container: UPT Vector M Series V344

Jumpsuit: They’re all TonFly

Helmet: TonFly Speed


Want to jump with a Load Organizer? Great! All you need is to be a licensed skydiver and show up! Jump with your favorite load organizer, or get to know a new one! We have Load Organizer’s in all disciplines for all skill levels. Follow the Facebook page here!

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student in freefall with psp instructor

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