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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Do you dream of taking flight? Has a tandem skydive whet your appetite? Are you interested in how to get a skydiving license?  You, my friend, have come to the right place. 

Learning to skydive isn’t as difficult as you might think, but it is important to find a program that is right for you. Ultimately, the skills you learn as a student set the stage for the rest of your skydiving career. So, why not give yourself the best head start you can? If you have aspirations of skydiving solo for fun or the inclination to one day become a skydiving instructor, you’ll want to invest your time and money wisely. If you’re looking to propel your skydiving career and earn your skydiving “A” license, look no further than the Paraclete Student Program

What is the skydiving “A” License?

In order to get an “A” skydiving license, you must satisfy a list of requirements laid out by the United States Parachute Association on the USPA A License proficiency card. In addition to passing both a written and oral exam, learning to pack a parachute, and accruing a minimum of 25 total jumps, to successfully earn an A License, an individual must learn and display proficient ability in many different freefall maneuver categories. 

What is the Paraclete Student Program?

The Paraclete Student Program is a comprehensive skydive training module developed by Skydive Paraclete XP to help individuals learn to skydive. Through successful completion of the PSP, an individual will gain the prerequisite knowledge and freefall skills to achieve their skydiving  “A” license. 


Paraclete student program

Benefits of PSP

The Paraclete Student Program offers members benefits that they are unlikely to find elsewhere. These benefits include:

Thorough Instruction and Feedback

Your journey to learn to skydive will begin with a 4-5 hour ground training course. This course covers skydiving equipment, aircraft procedures, exit procedures, freefall, deployment, canopy control and emergency procedures. The goal of the ground training is to prepare you with the knowledge and practical training you need for a successful first skydive.

Throughout PSP, each subsequent level of your skydiving progression will introduce you to a new skydiving skill; likewise, each level will also build on skills learned in the previous level of the PSP. In the Paraclete Student Program, our students receive thorough ground instruction before each and every skydive and receive a full video debrief after the completion of each jump. 

The learning doesn’t stop once you’ve satisfied the 7 basic skills to safely skydive solo. Another benefit of the Paraclete Student Program is that the progression extends past student levels to provide continuing education, relative work skill development, and an introduction to four way group skydiving.

Unique Integration of Indoor Skydiving Training

Before you make your first solo skydive, you will have the unique opportunity to experience a simulated first flight in our indoor wind tunnel. Skydivers of all skill levels can attest to the value of the indoor wind tunnel as a body flight training and learning tool. Instead of being thrown to the wind, the indoor wind tunnel training enables you to perform the dive flow of your first skydive in the controlled environment of the wind tunnel. Once you have completed this pre-requisite for the Paraclete Student Program, you will make your first jump accompanied by a highly experienced professional skydiving instructor.


Obtaining your A License isn’t a cheap venture to pursue. However, the Paraclete Student Program is the most cost effective means of achieving your goals and receiving your skydiving A license. How? PSP accelerates your progression and, with the accessibility of the indoor wind tunnel, enables you to rapidly develop your body flight skills. 

With improved body flight awareness, our students demonstrate a higher rate of success. A higher rate of success means that these students do not need to waste money repeating levels to perfect the freefall maneuvers that are required to obtain an A license. 

Unique, cost-effective, thorough: what more could you want from a program to learn to skydive? 

Interested in propelling your skydiving career with PSP? Give us a call today!


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