Beyond Solo Skydiving

Beyond Solo Skydiving

Friday, December 18, 2020

It’s not uncommon for students with great enthusiasm to drop out of the program during the transition from completing the Paraclete Student Program [PSP], to those final solo jumps that complete the first basic license in skydiving. We have a very robust student skydiving program and understand some of the challenges. Here we address how to buckle up for the ride, and the unknown, to earning your A-License. 


It’s so easy to froth over skydiving videos of people wingsuiting in formation or angle flying next to towering clouds. In our fast-paced society, we are continually reminded to: slllllooooowwwww dddoooowwwwwnnn. And skydiving is no different. 

We ought to remember, those people producing those amazing skydives of jumping out of hot air balloons or flying their high-speed parachutes together, have all started right where you are, then put in their time in the sport. 

You know what they say, “it’s about the journey, not the destination.” Say with us, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” 


Every skydiver has a moment in their skydiving career – whether in student status, earning the next license, or refining a skill – where they will meet challenges. It’s easy to want to give up in those down spots. Skydiving is a unique sport where we only get 45-60 seconds to practice freefall and 5-7 minutes to fly the parachute. In other sports, we have the luxury of practicing for hours in just one session – whereas in skydiving, it takes months to get hours of practice. 

Other tips? Utilize your instructor and ask a lot of questions, utilize the indoor skydiving center to refine your freefall skills, and most importantly, meeting challenges with patience and perseverance. 

Beyond Solo Skydiving


If you’ve pushed through the tough spots in learning and make it to your A-License, then you’ll be welcomed to the other side of an incredible sport in which you’d never expect. There are so many different opportunities and possibilities to explore as well as an incredible community of people. 

So what’s next? 

The Next Skydiving Licenses

The next and most logical goal is to earn your B-License. Each license is a chance to progress your skills and earn more privileges to do more things, such as earn a Coach Rating, or jump from novelty aircraft and more! And just to plant a seed, with a C-License you can jump with a camera as well as begin to learn to wingsuit

Earn your next skydiving licenses and SEE what you can do with them HERE!

Attend Events, Boogies and/or Camps

Events and camps are other great opportunities to meet more people, explore new disciplines, advance your skills and more! With the right licenses, you could also attend exotic boogies in exotic locations or even jump from a range of novelty aircraft such as helicopters or hot air balloons. 

We have several skydiving events and camps throughout the year. Check HERE for our current Event Schedule

Get Coaching

Like any other sport or industry, continuing education is key to success in your career – especially in skydiving. Training techniques continue to improve, new equipment is released, and safety information is dispensed. You can get coaching at any level and you can do it all right here at Skydive Paraclete XP!

Hit the Indoor Skydiving Wind Tunnel

Yes! If you’ve hung around here in a bit, you know the wind tunnel is the quickest way to advance your skydiving skills and experience and it’s only miles from the dropzone. Of course you cannot practice your skydiving exits, separation track or canopy skills here, but you can hone in on your freefall skills in belly or freeflying skills. Paraclete XP also hosts camps and events for flyers of all levels. 

Join Facebook Groups

There are a few Paraclete Facebook Groups that’ll help you get more information and stay updated about the ongoings of the dropzone (and even the tunnel if you wish). You do have to qualify to be added in each group, so if you’re not quite there, hang in there and we’ll be happy to have ya once you’re ready!


And folks, this is just the tip of the iceberg to whet your appetite that it’s worth hanging in there and earning your A-License! If you’re ready to embark on the journey, click or call us. If you’re in the midst of those challenges, we encourage you to hang in there – it’s worth it! 




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student in freefall with psp instructor

I loved everything about this place. The people, the experience, and can't wait to return for another jump. Can't recommend enough. Very professional. Thanks for helping me take one off the bucket list.

Joey Shull