Top Reasons You Should Go Skydiving

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

There are many very good reasons to jump out of an airplane – far more than any that you might think should stop you. Skydiving for the first time is a life-enhancing event that everyone should try once at the very least – and an experience that affects people in profound ways. Here are some of the best reasons why you should go skydiving as soon as possible…

It’s Not As Risky As You Might Think

Skydiving is very much a thrilling and intense pursuit – but it has been developed over the years into a sport that can be done many times in a day. The combination of advanced materials, application of technology and lots of practice has positioned skydiving as much less risky than other things that are marketed as the same kind of thing. The most common phrasing is that driving to the dropzone is the riskiest part of your day!

Your First Jump Is Not Alone

The most popular way to experience a skydive for the first time is via a tandem jump. Tandem skydiving has now been practiced for decades as a way for people to go skydiving for the first time by being strapped to a highly experienced instructor. There are some important things covered in a short briefing, but tandem skydives allow the student to kick back and really enjoy the feeling of freefall, while the instructor is responsible for the technical stuff.

Skydiving Is Great

There are many ways to fling yourself through the air or across the ground at speed, but skydiving is the original and best extreme experience. Falling at terminal velocity (120mph) using only gravity to generate the speed feels like nothing else in the world – and one of the reasons that skydiving is the original bucket list experience. Tandem skydiving is an efficient process and the whole thing takes around half a day. Easy!


It Is Not Expensive

After completing a skydive, there are few people that will disagree about it easily being one of the best things they have ever done. How much is an experience like that worth? Jumping with us at Skydive Paraclete XP is priced competitively – but it is also a premium service. We are a large, highly experienced operation with big, powerful aircraft and excellent facilities. We have everything needed for you to enjoy the very best our amazing sport has to offer.

You Can Be A Skydiver Too

People who become skydivers are not special or superhuman – they are just other regular folk that tried it once and wanted more. As soon as you land, you will almost certainly want to go again – so why not do a course with us and get a license of your very own? The most popular way to become a skydiver is by completing an AFF (Accelerated Freefall) course. For this you get your own parachute right from jump number one, and two instructors to aid you in freefall at the beginning – before you assume more and more skills as the jumps progress.

You Can Get The Whole Thing On Video

Your very first skydive is a memory you will treasure forever. There is quite a lot that happens though, and being a little over-stimulated is a common thing. What better way to absorb all the little details and enjoy the experience over and over than to have the whole thing from start to finish by a professional camera flyer that joins you in freefall? This is an extra investment in your experience, but is very, very worth it.

You Can Skydive Indoors Too

Vertical wind tunnels have a very close relationship with skydiving – so much so that we have our very own facility nearby. Indoor skydiving has become a sport all by itself, but it is also used by people that want to have a try at freefall before they commit to an actual skydive – and also to practice further skills once you are involved. The best part is you are allowed to do both!

These are just some general things that should help you understand why skydivers want everyone else to try it. Jumping out of an airplane feels great, and can have very positive effects on your physical and mental health. We are ready and waiting for you to join us for the experience of a lifetime. 


young man holding skydiving license

This is where I got my start, and roughly 4800 jumps later, I continue to send people there from all over the place...the facilities a great, the people are Fab. and the STAFF...Top Notch!! The Grounds are the best kept in the sport.

Marc Owens