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Why Skydiving is Great for Entrepreneurs

Thursday, October 5, 2017

You can probably answer that question right off the bat, right? The big difference between an entrepreneur and a desk-jockey-for-hire is that the entrepreneur makes measured risk-taking a part of her life. That is, of course, the exact same difference between a skydiver and a “whuffo.” We’d like to take the corollary a little further, if we may: Since measured risk-taking is part of the fabric of a successful entrepreneur’s life, it pays in spades to work it like a muscle. Skydiving is precisely the box for that kind of work. Here’s you can expect when you earn that A-license and start jumping like you mean it:

1. Your Ability To Make Decisions Under Pressure Is Going To Go Way Up.

Decisions bombard entrepreneurs at every corner–tricky ones, with strict deadlines and unfamiliar shapes. Your instincts are likely to be the only thing to light your way as you push forward through them. Hone those instincts and build your confidence in the sky, where you’ll save your own life hundreds of times in a reasonably controlled context.

2. You’ll Continually Build A Fundamental Sense Of Adventure.

You’ve already faced your fear when you started down the path of entrepreneurship–but it’s not just about the initial launch, is it? A sense of possibility and adventure is the perfect antidote against the complacency that reliably kills startups. Skydiving tends and waters your love of the unknown–and your confidence in exploring it.

3. You’ll Build Your Personal Agility.

A bit further along those “complacency” lines: Skydiving energizes your willingness to grow and flex to new challenges. You’ll be surrounded by folks who are driven far, far beyond mediocrity, and you won’t be able to help but be carried forward on their wave.

4. You’ll Turbocharge Your Team-building Superpower.

Skydiving is all about creating highly functional teams quickly, planning a mission together efficiently, executing that plan faithfully and debriefing the highs and lows of the experience with the perfect blend of thoroughness and kindness. If that process doesn’t give you superpowers in your entrepreneurial life, we don’t know what will. ‘Nuff said.

5. You’ll Have Loads Of Fun.

Running your own empire is damn hard work, n’est-ce pas? You’ll need a place you can go to shrug off stress, connect with like-minded friends and celebrate the heck out of your wins. The skydiving dropzone is precisely that place.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you into the fold! When you rock up to Skydive Paraclete XP, you’ll discover how many other entrepreneurs are already here, waiting to talk shop (and nylon) with their new buddy–so don’t make ‘em wait. Visit today!

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Awesome environment, by far the best dropzone I've been to. I finished my AFF skydiving school here, they have super experienced instructors not to mention the amazing facility with top of the line equipment. Everyone here is always in a good mood willing to help you with any questions or concerns you may have as a tandem or AFF student.

Rafael M.