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How To Overcome Your Fear to Make Your First Skydive

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Convinced that you’ll never be able to conquer your fear of skydiving? Guess what! We have excellent news for you. The fact is that, if you set your mind to it and you commit to a date, you will nail that jump! See–it’s simple. However, nobody said it would be easy. Here’s our best advice to take with you as you go head-to-head with your fear of skydiving.

1. Know The Skydiving Safety Statistics.

If you’re worried that you’re taking an unnecessary risk by making a skydive, you have another thing coming. Skydiving is actually safer than commuting. It’s safer than bees, for heaven’s sake. It’s probably safer than eating cookie dough, but there are some ways you’ve gotta live dangerously. In all honesty, though–the statistical safety of skydiving will likely surprise you. Read up on the statistics of skydiving safety to bolster your anti-fear efforts with science. It’ll help.

2. Treat It Like A Vaccination.

Doing new stuff is never easy–but once you’ve had a chance to acclimate to your new having-done-it conditions, you’re never the same again. Doing something you’re afraid of is a vaccination against the continuation of your fear, so you should offer up your arm in every situation that makes sense.

Case in point: Have you ever been there to see someone board a commercial flight who hasn’t ever been on a plane? They’re freaking out. Of course, they are. Kids who cry on flights are usually terrified first-timers who are getting their “inoculations” against being afraid to fly. It’s always easier the next time around–and they grow up to be adults who are so not afraid to fly that they spend more time being annoyed at the misbehaving touchscreen in front of them than they do thinking about the fact that they’re barreling towards the end of a short road in a 970,000 vehicle. Long-time travelers know that flying in a plane is a risk, but it’s not a big one, so they can go about their business without letting their fear shake them by the shoulders and scream in their face.

What’s the trouble? Novelty. And the only cure for novelty is familiarity. Roll up that sleeve and accept a vaccination that is custom-mixed to protect you against your own closed mind. (We should tell you: This is by far the most enjoyable vaccination you’re ever going to get.)

woman works through her fear of skydiving through the jump

3. Just Do It.

Surprise your fear of skydiving with a jab-and-grab; it’ll never see it coming. Ride that wave of impulse straight into the barrel and set the date. Right now. Click over and book your tandem skydive online. You can even call on the way to the dropzone and see if there’s room to sneak you in today! Don’t wait for anyone else, because if you do you’ll likely be waiting for a long, long time.

Finally: Trust the process! You’ll find your courage along the way, just like everyone else has who has made that first-time skydive. And we’ll be here to celebrate with you when you land!

Ready to show your fear who’s boss?

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As a member of the Canadian National 8-way skydiving team, we have trained at many DZs over the years. By far, we have never been treated as well at any other drop zone in the world. This is our new go to DZ. Cannot say enough good things about this operation!!!

Heather Porteous