skydiving with friends

Top 4 Benefits of Skydiving with Friends

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Do you know what’s even better than skydiving? Why, skydiving with friends, of course!

Even if you’re not a social butterfly, adding a few friends into the mix can really add to your skydiving experience. From company on the ground to sharing hoots and hollers in the air, at Skydive Paraclete XP we believe the more the merrier! 

Considering making your skydiving trip a solo venture? Keep reading for the top four benefits of skydiving with friends. Who knows? You might just change your mind!

Benefit 1 – Moral Support

Skydiving can be pretty intimidating. We’ve found it is far less scary to venture to the skydiving center with a group rather than going solo. There is strength in numbers, and skydiving with friends helps ease much of the anxiety associated with the experience. 

Having friends around to laugh, joke, and chat with will take your mind off of your impending leap. Rather than allowing the nervous energy to build up inside of you near to bursting, you can channel the energy into conversation. Plus, the charming company will also help you pass the time while you wait for your turn to gear up and jump!

skydiving with friends

Benefit 2 – Save A Little Cash

Skydiving with friends can benefit your pocket too! Bringing a group skydiving will often allow you to take advantage of group discounts. 

For example, here at Skydive Paraclete XP, you can get a discount for groups both large and small. For our small group discount, groups of 3-9 people are eligible to save $10, paying $204 per person. For our large group discount, groups consisting of 10+ people are eligible to save $19, paying just $195 per person.

Benefit 3 – Build Stronger Bonds

Stronger bonds are built under pressure. After all, there is no growth in your comfort zone. Growth requires the impetus of discomfort. It’s the same for friendships. Skydiving with friends puts each of you in a uniquely challenging space. Skydiving is an experience that has to be done to be truly understood. Words, no matter how descriptive, can only come so close. Having the shared experience of skydiving with friends forges a bond amongst the group. It gives you memories to look back on and the opportunity to reminisce about your shared adventure for countless years to come.

skydiving with friends

Benefit 4 – Start a Skydiving Team

Especially early on in our skydiving career, a great deal of energy is directed towards being able to jump solo. While there is some enjoyment in finally being able to take to the sky without the supervision of an instructor or coach, you’ll find the novelty of jumping alone quickly fades. So, what’s a solo flier to do? 

Why not get involved with a skydiving team?

A benefit of skydiving with friends is the opportunity to form a skydiving team. Even if you only have one other friend who currently shares the skies with you, the two of you can use building a team as a catalyst for meeting other individuals in the sport. Forming a team built on friendship allows you to share the love of the sport with the people you love. And, when the energies are good with new peeps, skydiving teammates quickly become skydiving friends. 

BONUS TIP: Not ready for the real thing? Try indoor skydiving.

We get it. Not everyone is ready to huck themselves from an aircraft in flight – whether friends are by their side or not! Well, it just so happens that indoor skydiving is fun with friends too! Indoor skydiving with a group is a great way to get your feet wet before taking your crazy crew to the skies! 

Ready to try skydiving with friends? Or want the chance to dip in a toe with indoor skydiving?

Either way, reach out! We’re happy to help.


Robbie and Luke were so great! Made me feel very comfortable and made my first tandem jump a lot of fun! I would recommend this place to anyone looking for an adrenaline rush! Thanks so much to Robbie, Luke, and the entire Paraclete team for such a great experience!

Christian Capobianco