XP 20-Way Wars

Showdown of XP Organizers and their 20way teams

Go to battle with the coach of your choice! Skydive Paraclete will be hosting a 20way Showdown between 4 teams April 26-28, 2024! Kirk Verner, Louis French, Ron Shipp, Scott Latinis, and Jeana Billings will be one of your captain leading you into battle so choose wisely ��



Day One, you can expect to warm up with your team, Day Two will begin and hope to complete competition, and Day Three you’ll no longer be enemies as we will have a multi plane formation to join forces (unless we need it for competition completion)!! Registration cost is $150 per participant and each jump ticket will cost $32 Register now!!


I loved everything about this place. The people, the experience, and can't wait to return for another jump. Can't recommend enough. Very professional. Thanks for helping me take one off the bucket list.

Joey Shull