Superior Flight Solutions Canopy Course

Canopy Coaching for all levels

Next Date: June 3 - 4, 2023

Superior Flight Solutions’ (SFS) coaching style has proven individualized training techniques to ensure everyone is able to comprehend, execute and retain the information needed to progress safely. Whether it is in the wind tunnel or under canopy, your learning needs will be exceeded and your goals achieved.


These courses are designed to educate jumpers on safe canopy flight and teach them techniques that will give them the most valuable tool of all….CONFIDENCE! Confidence in their gear, in themselves and their abilities to fly their canopies safely. The intent is to make jumpers safer canopy pilots by making them smarter canopy pilots. No matter what drills are being conducted, the desired end result is having each jumper land exactly where they want as soft as possible.


SFS raises the standard on canopy progression by ensuring our curriculum is not cookie cutter. On the jumps, you will be doing drills based off of your abilities, your strengths, your progress and your desired goals. Each jump will be videoed and meticulously debriefed to identify opportunities for improvement.


Upcoming Dates

  • June 3 - 4, 2023
  • July 1 - 2, 2023
  • August 5 - 6, 2023
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I have brought two family members here to jump because I truly trust these people and their skill level. If you want to go anywhere east of Greensboro to jump, THIS IS THE PLACE TO DO IT!!!

Lindsay Romero