All Female NC Large Formation Record

Paraclete XPG4 - Skydive Paraclete XP

Calling all MERMAIDS!!!
We set the baseline in 2021 with 3 state Records during the All Female Record Event at the first Annual Event… who’s with us for 2022?!?!
Thursday, Oct. 6 will be a warm up day so take advantage if you can!
Then the event on Oct. 7-9!
Off work on Oct. 10?? Stay later and keep the party going with XPG4… if this sounds like your cup of tea – DRINK UP!
Breaking a state record is one thing, but breaking a state record alongside aa bad@$$ female is an entirely different experience!
XPG4 wants YOU on our team to make this a successful, yet FUN event!
$225 registration plus $37 per jump.
(Costs include all organization and preparation, the participant’s slot, coach’s slot, videographer slot, coaches & videographer’s packing, event shirt, snacks, beer, DINNER, and jump videos/photos will be available after the event.)
woman dancing in freefall with ballet slippers

The best Drop Zone in the world. Friendliest staff for the most fun experience of your life!

David Deluca