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How to Keep Your Skydiving Skills in Shape Over The Winter

Friday, December 30, 2022

Staying current can be the biggest struggle for a new skydiver – or any skydiver for that matter! First of all, can you even skydive in the winter? Heck to the yeahhh! Seasoned skydivers and those starting off in the sport through our world-class Paraclete Student Program (PSP) need to keep their skills up to speed, even in the slow months. 

Skydiving in the winter is just as beautiful, fun and awesome as skydiving in the summertime. All you need is a couple extra layers and to remember that, in this case, cold is just a mindset. The best way to keep your skydiving skills up to par during the wintertime is to bite the bullet and just do it.

Why Is It Important to Stay Current?

Keeping your skydiving skills honed is critical for your safety and that of others while soaring through the skies. Our cognitive health is more important than our physique when it comes to skydiving, and working out our brain by consistently jumping ensures a safer and more productive atmosphere for everyone. Basically, it’s difficult (and nearly impossible) to continuously grow in the sport if you’re having to re-learn previously taught skills. 

When is the best time of year to skydive? Any time the plane door is open! We firmly believe that skydiving year-round is sublime, but late spring to early fall has the warmer temperature most people prefer to skydive.

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Is Skydive Paraclete XP Even Open In The Winter?

Yes, we’re open year round! The type of person who enjoys skydiving even when the chill of winter is in the air is just the type of person we love: obsessed with the experience of human flight, learning new things, and hanging out with our friends! 

While licensed skydivers have a bit more leeway as to how long they can go in-between jumps, those just starting out are required to stay very current. Like everything in skydiving, this is because we put safety first and foremost! 

If you do plan to skydive in the winter, keep an eye on the weather. While crisp, cool air is no bother, winter also can bring overcast conditions or even storms that can affect jump operations.

Why does the wind and rain matter? Both rain and intense wind create potentially dangerous situations when jumping from a plane. If winds are too strong or gusting unpredictably, we aren’t able to control our parachutes in a safe manner. No wind at all is okay and even 15 mph wind is acceptable, but 0 mph sporadically gusting to 15 mph is vicious! 

We stay safe in our sport by prioritizing predictability, and this means jumping in predictable conditions on all fronts. When those big, gray puffies decide to dump on us it hurts. Getting pelted with raindrops while sticking your arm out the car window is painful enough! Rain feels like a million tiny slaps and pinpricks when you’re trucking through the sky at over 120 miles per hour. Plus, our gear isn’t designed to withstand the rain – slippery situations are menacing. And foggy glasses? No, thanks!

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How To Stay Nice and Toasty

We’re lucky to have some 70 degree days throughout the depths of winter, but there are days that bring the shivers. There’s not a cozy fireplace or space heater falling through the sky with you and being able to feel your hands while skydiving is pretty important, so it’s critical to dress for the occasion when it’s nippy outside! 

Closed toe shoes, warm socks, tight gloves (no fuzzy mittens, please), and layering up are all good ideas. If you’re in doubt about your outfit choice, give us a call or ask a veteran cold-weather jumper about all the tips and tricks to stay warm! Remember, if you’re a student or a licensed jumper, standing up your landings helps to stay dry, and therefore warm – you’ve got this!

Can you wear a scarf or hat? Nope. You can wear the trendy skydiver version of a scarf (or two or three) called a neck gaiter. Conventional scarves and hats will fly off when you’re flying at terminal velocity. Feel free to bring your own, or check our Pro Shop for gaiters for purchase!

Scared Of The Cold? Bad Weather? We Have a Tunnel!

We are thrilled to offer the biggest and most powerful vertical wind tunnel in the COUNTRY to experienced and novice jumpers, alike. Indoor skydiving is different from actual skydiving, because if you want to just stop “falling,” you can. With experienced instructors right at your fingertips (and literally a foot away from your face), the possibilities of what you can accomplish in the tunnel are endless. 

Are you a fun jumper with the winter worries? Remember, you can’t jump if you’re not here! If you’ve never skydived but are ready to take the leap, book now and get ready for the time of your life! Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Blue skies!

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The staff is incredible and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The drop zone gives you a breathtaking view and I will most definitely be back as soon as possible!

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