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How Our Skydiving School Differs From All Others

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

You’re looking for the best skydiving school. Naturally! Why wouldn’t you? Learning to jump out of a plane for fun isn’t the kind of thing you want to learn from an also-ran.

Skydiving schools vary widely in their quality, reputation, and methods, so make sure you know what you’re signing up for when you decide to (finally!) go for it. At Skydive Paraclete XP, our Paraclete Student Program (PSP) is a professionally designed, eighteen-level program that will put you on the fastest, safest possible track to jumping solo. (No previous experience is necessary, so you can start skydiving in North Carolina, like, today.)

Are you ready to get top marks in skydiving school with similarly lofty grades? Here’s what’s different about the program at Skydive Paraclete XP:

1. You’ll be more successful, faster–because we have what is literally the magic tool for learning skydiving, and it’s right down the road.

Sounds a little boasty, huh? Make no mistake: it’s not.

At most skydiving schools, you’ll go straight from the classroom to the sky. That’s the tried-and-true way of doing things, and it’s been the way that most people have learned to jump since the invention of the sport in the 1950s. That said: times have changed. We’ve invested heavily in a way that results in much more efficient, effective learning: the inclusion of the wind tunnel in the process.

sister wind tunnel facilityOur ground school lasts 5-6 hours, like most skydiving schools. However, before you make your first solo skydive, you will spend time flying in our indoor skydiving wind tunnel, located at our sister facility just down the road. That means you can put what you learn in the classroom into practice before you’re wearing a parachute, in a fun environment where the stakes are low.

Our students enjoy a higher rate of success when they execute the necessary skills towards completing their license, but the benefits go way beyond that: the tunnel provides a much more accommodating environment to make the usual mistakes; it reduces student stress; it introduces a level of familiarity with the airflow that they wouldn’t otherwise have. No other east coast skydiving center can offer this experience.

2. You’ll move forward more smoothly and confidently.

Ask any skydiver, and they’ll tell you: the wind tunnel is not only an integral element of learning to skydive in the modern era, it’s an integral element of optimizing your skills as you move forward in the sport. In the tunnel environment, world skydiving champions step out of a session and first-time skydivers step right in. The wind tunnel is an invaluable tool for everyone, and we’re pleased as punch to offer it to the incoming generation of sport skydivers.

3. Our mentors are second-to-none.

One must never downplay the importance of great mentors in any learning situation. Remember that one amazing teacher from your youth who made an indelible impression on your learning and your life? Well: we have a full staff of those, and we’re not exaggerating a bit.

Our dropzone is home to some of the best skydivers and skydiving teams in the world. Because of that, we attract the best instructors. (They want to live and work on a dropzone that has great facilities, awesome planes, a convenient location and a super-friendly atmosphere, after all.) Many of our instructors are world-class athletes in their own right. They’ve participated in countless world records, international skydiving championships and they’re high-flying sponsored athletes. Most of all, though, they love skydiving to the core and they’re eager to pass it on to new learners.

If you want to learn to fly with the best, it’s our skydiving school you’re looking for! Learn more about earning your A-license through our Paraclete Student Program. We’re waiting to give you that big A-plus!

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I went on my first tandem skydive yesterday and I couldn't ask for a better experience! If you're looking for a fun experience with welcoming people you need to come check this place out. I look forward to going back for my second jump soon!

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