Josiah Rich

Load Organizers


Team: Axiom XP

Total Number of Jumps: about 1600

Jumping since: 2011

Disciplines of choice: freefly, canopy piloting

Ratings: USPA Coach

Where did you learn to jump: Triangle Skydiving Center




Most memorable skydive: Jumping with my mom was the celebration of several milestones for our family. It was pure fun and excitement. Getting to share the sky and my passion with my mom is something I’ll never forget.

Why do you love skydiving: I love the peace and freedom that comes from being surrounded only by air. In addition, this sport allows athletes to push themselves as far as they want, whether that be casual fun jumping every few months, or full time career skydivers. This brings together an incredible mix of people who would otherwise never cross paths in life.  The community is truly remarkable.

What is the best part about organizing: Watching younger jumpers grow and develop in the sport is immensely rewarding. I enjoy helping people who desire to improve, and providing structured jumps where everyone has a good time.


Main: NZAerosports Leia

Reserve: PD Optimum

Container: UPT Micron V314

Jumpsuit: Tonfly

Helmet: Tonfly


Want to jump with a Load Organizer? Great! All you need is to be a licensed skydiver and show up! Jump with your favorite load organizer, or get to know a new one! We have Load Organizer’s in all disciplines for all skill levels. Follow the Facebook page here!

I have brought two family members here to jump because I truly trust these people and their skill level. If you want to go anywhere east of Greensboro to jump, THIS IS THE PLACE TO DO IT!!!

Lindsay Romero