Jess Haugaard

Load Organizers

Total Number of Jumps: 752

Jumping since: 2011

Discipline of choice: RW

Ratings: AFF-I, Coach

Where did you learn to jump: Skydive Temple/Skydive Raeford (back before it was Skydive Paraclete XP)

Team (if applicable): None this year (I am an alternate as needed)



Most memorable skydive: Promotion jump to Staff Sergeant with the Golden Knights 8-way team

Why do you love skydiving: I love the intensity of competition and being in the zone. I also love the camaraderie within the skydiving community.

Whats the best part about organizing: When the group succeeds! Watching other people learn and get better.


Main: Sabre 2 120

Reserve: PDR 126

Container: Javelin Odyssey (of course!)

Jumpsuit: Michigan/Liquid Sky

Helmet: Cookie G3


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