Fritz Carr

Load Organizers

 Total Number of Jumps: 900

Jumping since: 2009

Discipline of choice: 4-Way FS

Ratings: AFFI, Coach

Where did you learn to jump: Skydive Raeford

Team: Conextion XP


Most memorable skydive: The 2015 NC State Record 66-Way

Why do you love skydiving: You get into the sport for the rush but you stay in it for the people. The best part for me is the family you build over the years.

Whats the best part about organizing: I love to teach AFF and I love that I get to continue the learning by teaching more advance FS techniques in a safe and friendly environment. Then best sight in the world is the smile when someone swoops and docks on on a larger formation for the first time.


Main: Icarus World XFire 109

Reserve: Icarus Nano 113

Container: Sun Path Javelin

Jumpsuit: Intrudair

Helmet: Cookie G3


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