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PSP First Jump Course

Your First Step Towards Becoming a Licensed Skydiver

Course Overview:

Take the first step towards becoming a licensed skydiver with Skydive Paraclete XP! We offer one of the most comprehensive learn to skydive programs in the country. With the inclusion of wind tunnel training and coaching from world-class instructors, students typically graduate our PSP program with the same level of confidence and abilities as skydivers with hundreds of jumps. Students will master critical flight skills, like tracking and leg turns, and will also have the opportunity to participate in a 4-way dive during the program! 

There are three stages to get started with our Paraclete Student Progression program: First Jump Course ground training, wind tunnel training, and your first solo skydive! First Jump Courses are offered every other Friday. For more information on this program, please review our Learn to Skydive FAQs or contact Lauren Byrd at

Stage 1: Ground School (Friday Evening) – $100

The Paraclete Student Progression (PSP) First Jump Course begins with Ground Training at Skydive Paraclete XP. This course is offered every other Friday. It is a 4-5 hour course which gives you all the theory and practical training to get you ready for your first solo jump!

Stage 2: 15 Minutes Wind Tunnel Training (Saturday Morning) – $330

To accelerate your progression we practice body flight in our vertical wind tunnel before your first solo skydive. This is a pre-requisite for our PSP program and part of what makes our training unique.

Stage 3: Freefall and Canopy Training (Saturday Morning/Afternoon) – $180

Once you’ve completed Stage 1 and 2, you’re ready to make your first jump! You will be accompanied by a highly experienced instructor who will hold on to you during freefall.


When you register for a first jump course, Skydive Paraclete will automatically schedule you for your 15 minutes of tunnel time the morning after your ground school (your instructor will let you know what time you need to be at the tunnel the next day). We expect that all students will attempt to make their first jump after completing their tunnel time Saturday morning (weather permitting). You do not need to schedule your first jump.


To register for this course, click the button below or give us a call at (910) 904-0000. To secure your spot, you must provide a $100 deposit or pay $610 in full.

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I went on my first tandem skydive yesterday and I couldn't ask for a better experience! If you're looking for a fun experience with welcoming people you need to come check this place out. I look forward to going back for my second jump soon!

Sara Lynn