Record Road - Big Way Skills Camp

We don't just train skydivers...... We make CHAMPIONS

These camps, ‘Road to the Record’, will be used as an entryway to the Record Event. Airspeed XP8 members and Skydive Paraclete XP want to get you in tip top shape for the 100-way FS Big Way Record. Use the big way camps to get all of the personal coaching you need or to simply sharpen your skills ahead of time.

Each participant should expect 6 jumps per day and be prepared for 18k AGL with oxygen. Registration will be $150 and each jump is rated at $38 (jumps to be paid at event conclusion)… The entire weekend total will be no more than $834 including registration, jumps, coaching fees, your coach/VG pack jobs, Sat night dinner, and snacks/drinks.

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woman dancing in freefall with ballet slippers

I loved everything about this place. The people, the experience, and can't wait to return for another jump. Can't recommend enough. Very professional. Thanks for helping me take one off the bucket list.

Joey Shull