16way XPerimentals

Paraclete XP8 - Skydive Paraclete XP

We are excited to announce our first 16way experimental jump camps at Paraclete XP!

Each year at Nationals we XP16 dominate the competition despite our team lineup… 4way, 8way, big way skills are all necessary when competing 16way so this is great for YOU no matter your discipline.

We will also put together a team for you at Nationals and organizing a trip to fly 16way indoors at Abu Dhabi so the possibilities are endless.  Take Them!

There is a $150 registration fee for the events and each jump will cost $38. The coaching, Videographer, slots, packing for Vg and coaches are included in the costs.






www.paypal.me/XP8/150 or purchase your ticket in the online store at https://airspeedxp8.org

young man holding skydiving license

I did my fist tandem jump yesterday with Jon. It was one the best things I have ever done in my life. I wish to thank everyone there for their professionalism and yet you made it so much like being a part of team and a family.

Coleen Courtney Mick